Our Speakers

Sarah Clark

Novo Nordisk

Head of medical excellence and operations, rare disease

Digital Health - an exciting opportunity for Medical Affairs

  • Digitalization of healthcare continues to offer opportunities to change how pharmaceutical companies are engaging with the community.
  • Co-creation of innovative digital solutions requires a deep understanding of patient journeys, care pathways, and deep partnership with the future users of the solution (e.g., healthcare professionals and patients).
  • Implementation of advanced technologies requires teams with the understanding and communication skills to engage healthcare professionals.
  • Medical Affairs is well positioned to take a leadership role in these activities, building on their core competencies to evolve the way we work.
Sarah Clark Photo Novo Nordisk Logo

Attila Horváth


Head of GenMed CE Medical

Meet the Millennial HCPs - How to Win in The Era of:

  • New challenges for Pharma
  • Environment shift
  • Millennial HCPs
  • Informed consumers
  • Still restricted compliance environment
Attila Horváth Photo Sanofi Logo

Barbara Pelgrims


Global Head Of Integrated Communication Strategy, Medical Affairs.

Integrated Communication Strategy or the Power of Consistency

  • How can we maximize the impact of our communication with external stakeholders?
  • What if the key to achieving this lies in significantly increasing consistency across the board?
  • How can we reach that goal, and how can digital transformation support the necessary change management?
Barbara Pelgrims Photo UCB Logo

Łukasz Hak

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Medical Director, Poland

Revitalizing Medical Affairs: Unleashing the Power of a Forward-Thinking Organization to Drive Value Creation

  • Shaping responsibilities: Evolving from MSL to Medical Manager roles
  • Cultivating long-lasting motivation: Strategies for building a motivated team
  • Ensuring sustainability of medical communication practices
  • Driving patient-centricity: Strategies for putting patients at the forefront
  • Balancing science and data dissemination for effective medical affairs
Łukasz Hak Photo The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Logo

Shaantanu Donde


Head of Portfolio Management Team - Medical Affairs (Developed Markets)

Digital Transformation in Medical Affairs

  • What does digital transformation entail for medical affairs?
  • How the transformation is helping to become more customer-centric and linked to patient-centricity?
  • Examples/case studies to explain how we are implementing it
Shaantanu Donde Photo Viatris Logo

Veronika Schweighart


Co-Founder and COO

Medical Affairs as a Success Factor for Evidence-Driven Launches

  • How to close data gaps with longitudinal RWD prior to launches?
  • Turning data into dialogue for increased HCP engagement and patient impact.
  • The power of real-time insights and Gen AI for higher transparency and early awareness.
Veronika Schweighart Photo Climedo Logo
The role of Medical Affairs has evolved from a primarily scientific support function to a dynamic, patient-centric, and data-driven discipline. With advancements in digital health, global expansion, and the emphasis on value-based care, Medical Affairs professionals now navigate a complex landscape, collaborating cross-functionally and advocating for evidence-based medicine. Join us as we continue to explore how to bridge the gap between science and commercial objectives and ensure that safe, effective, and patient-centered healthcare products remain paramount in an ever-changing healthcare environment.