Digital Strategy & Innovation for Medical Affairs 2023

22 - 23 Feb 2023
Vienna | Physical | Online | Hybrid
As innovation transforms the healthcare sector, science and data are becoming the foundation for pharma to meet its commitments to patients and customers while also realizing commercial opportunities. This imperative is accelerating the emergence of medical affairs as the organization's third strategic pillar, alongside R&D and commercial. Hence, Pronovea is bringing together pharma pioneers and healthcare innovators to discuss and exchange best practices and strategic insights; collaborate to enhance communication strategies; build-out medical affairs teams; get ready for launches; explore various tools to track progress, and keep customers engaged in a digital world.

Topic Highlights

  • Transformation in the role of Medical Affairs following the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • How disruption as a result of COVID 19 can be turned into opportunities?
  • Evidence Generation Strategies to Deliver Patient Centric Outcomes
  • Simplification and Standardization: Key to Digital Transformation in Medical Affairs
  • Strategies for Strengthening KOL Engagement
  • Understanding the practical application of technologies such as AI, NLP, ML for Medical Affairs
  • Building Next Generation of Medical Affairs to Endorse Business acceleration resilience
  • Establishing Multichannel and Omnichannel as strategies in Medical Affairs
  • Embracing the power of data and analytics to maximise patient experience and outcomes
  • Evolution of Collaborations & Partnerships in Healthcare Industry

Meet the experts

In today's marketplace, "hoping" for success is not an option; instead, it is about using scientific strategies backed up by advanced technical improvements to match the universal. Pronovea has carefully assembled a speaker faculty of leading executives, directors, thinkers, and innovators to bring the blueprint for Digital Strategy and Innovation for Medical Affairs. Sign up to get insights from top pharma and healthcare industry experts and take part in various case study presentations, lively panel discussions, and interactive breakout sessions tailored to your specific needs

Dr. Alfred V.Krempelhuber Photo
Moderna Logo
Dr. Alfred V.Krempelhuber


Medical Director Germany

Sara Korchmaros Photo
AstraZeneca Logo
Sara Korchmaros


Global Lead for Data and Analytics, Oncology

Natasha Hansjee Altmann Photo
Hoffmann La-Roche Logo
Natasha Hansjee Altmann

Hoffmann La-Roche

Principal Scientific Communications Director

Dr Bishember Kathuria Photo
Novartis Logo
Dr Bishember Kathuria


Global Lead - Digital Transformation, Medical Affairs

Zsuzsanna Devecseri Photo
Sanofi Logo
Zsuzsanna Devecseri


VP Global Oncology Medical Head

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Pronovea provides an excellent opportunity to connect and reconnect. Our summits provide you with a way of building connections and forging partnerships, as a strong network is necessary for corporate success. We bring a valuable forum for a range of different functions, helping people to share ideas, make decisions, and build team relationships across industries.

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Our relationships with our clients are the most important and valuable part of our work and what we stand for. As our clients come from Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, our conferences truly take place worldwide. Senior decision-makers from all over the world meet at our summits to discuss the biggest problems facing their industry and to find viable solutions.

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