Our Speakers

Dr. Alfred V.Krempelhuber


Medical Director Germany

Transformation in the role of Medical Affairs following the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-9 pandemic changed the contact patterns and roles internally and externally.

  • How did this change the relationship to colleagues and external stakeholders?
  • What will change back and what will stay after the pandemic?
  • What are the most successful communication strategies?
Dr. Alfred V.Krempelhuber Photo Moderna Logo

Sara Korchmaros


Global Lead for Data and Analytics, Oncology

Understanding the practical application of technologies such as AL, NLP, ML for Medical Affairs

  • Using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, block-chain and algorithms to uncover disease state opportunities, accelerate and synthesize insights from real world data
  • Embracing the power of data and analytics, as well as digital-engagement techniques to maximise patient experience and outcomes
  • Using analytics to collect metrics, apply learnings and develop tools for cross-functional use
Sara Korchmaros Photo AstraZeneca Logo

Dr. Salman Rizv


Head of Customer Facing Medical , Medical Affairs Emerging Markets

Public Private partnerships in healthcare ecosystem - Call to Action !

Evolution of Collaborations & Partnerships in Healthcare Industry from the Traditional Fully Integrated Business Model to an Open Innovation Organizational Model
Presentation will cover holistic evaluation of diverse framework of partnerships in HC system

  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Industry Academic Partnerships
  • Other Diverse Partnerships Models
Dr. Salman Rizv Photo Viatris Logo

Dr Bishember Kathuria


Global Lead - Digital Transformation, Medical Affairs

Simplification and Standardization: Key to Digital Transformation

  • Why majority of digital transformations fail ?
  • There is an app for that but do we need it ?
  • Simplified and Standardized processes versus new technology
  • Take control of digital transformation in medical
Dr Bishember Kathuria Photo Novartis Logo

Lucía De Prado Gómez


Global Medical Associate Director

Evidence Generation Strategies to Deliver Patient Centric Outcomes

  • Steps to successfully deliver a medical evidence generation plan with patients at the core of it
  • Clinical trials and RWE strategies to develop a robust lifecycle management program
Lucía De Prado Gómez Photo Sanofi Logo
As innovation transforms the healthcare sector, science and data are becoming the foundation for pharma to meet its commitments to patients and customers while also realizing commercial opportunities. This imperative is accelerating the emergence of medical affairs as the organization's third strategic pillar, alongside R&D and commercial. Hence, Pronovea is bringing together pharma pioneers and healthcare innovators to discuss and exchange best practices and strategic insights; collaborate to enhance communication strategies; build-out medical affairs teams; get ready for launches; explore various tools to track progress, and keep customers engaged in a digital world.